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The first thing we did with our mountain bikes was climb up hills so we could have fun going down them. That is the philosophy of enduro.”
-Franco Monchiero

Enduro Mountain Bike Nepal is a joint French and Nepali run company.  We have been guiding local and international clients, organising trips for foreign visitors and running a mountain bike training school for the last 12 years.  We are pioneers of mountain bike trips to the Mustang and Solukhumbu regions, and the only company who will tailor build a unique trip to suit you.  Over the years we have made many new friends and have wonderful memories from 100’s of  happy guests.  We have had the privilege to guide some of the world’s top riders – including Pierre Edouard Ferry, Nicolas Vouilloz, Fabien Barel, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Remy Absalon, Rene Wildhaber, Darren Berrecloth, and Sabrina Jonnier.