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Nepal – landlocked country between india and china, a country with great himalayan moutain range with highest peaks in the world.
Mustang region with deepest gorges in the world has had become heaven for Mountain biking.

Enduro Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal
Enduro Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal


The Kali Gandaki River is a highly important feature of the district. measured by the difference between the river height and the heights of the highest peaks on either side, is the world’s deepest canyon.


Solukhumbu is nestled on the north-east corner of Nepal with higesgt mountains & best single tracks with views of Everest and the Himalayas, thick pine forests. Experience the famous local Sherpa culture along biking.


Annapurna circuit is a great classic, but we are not a big fan of the traditional circuit In this version we didn’t wanted to propose a classic tour of the Annapurna on bike, but re designed it to be interesting for mtb lovers.


Dolpo, a hidden gem, remains untouched by the masses and is often referred to as a paradise waiting to be explored. Nestled in the secluded western region of Nepal, this remarkable destination boasts breathtaking landscapes and an unparalleled serenity reminiscent of the renowned Roof of the World, Tibet. 

Enduro Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal


An ultimate trip mixing Mustang and Solokhumbu area. We call it the ultimate trip, you will enjoy riding in very different location of Nepal, a must to do…