Epic Mountain Biking Adventure in Nepal with the Scott-SR Suntour Enduro Team.

Exciting News from VTT Mag: Epic Mountain Biking Adventure in Nepal with the Scott-SR Suntour Enduro Team.

We’re thrilled to share that @vtt_mag , France’s premier mountain biking magazine, has given extensive coverage to an unforgettable mountain biking expedition in Nepal featuring the Scott-SR Suntour Enduro Team riders – Rémy Absalon, Emeric Ienzer, and Hugo Pigeon. This incredible journey took them through the breathtaking landscapes of Solukhumbu, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Everest, and included the challenging yet rewarding Enduro Ratnange Race.

Our team had the honor of inviting these talented riders to the Enduro Ratnange Race, which was a spectacular event filled with thrilling descents and awe-inspiring scenery. The adventure didn’t stop there; after the race, we guided them on an exhilarating tour to Pikey Peak, offering them a taste of Nepal’s stunning trails and majestic views.

We are also excited to announce the dates for the highly anticipated Enduro Ratnange 2025 Season 3! Mark your calendars for March 12th to 15th, 2025. We warmly welcome riders from around the world to join us for this thrilling event. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or an avid mountain biking enthusiast, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.
For those interested in participating in the race and exploring the beautiful trails of Nepal with us, feel free to reach out for more details. We look forward to riding with you in the stunning Solukhumbu region and making unforgettable memories together. See you on the trails!
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