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Phaplu Mountain Bike Club

We created Phaplu mtb club with the goal to offer local kids the opportunity to enjoy mountain biking. We built a pump track at 2500 meters elevation ( maybe the highest pump track in the world ! ), where kids can train and perfect their technics in a safety environment. We provide the materials and trainning to around 10-15 kids.

Ratnange Trail Center

Our team, with the help of local forest communities, have built fhe first trail center in Nepal, a network of 50 kilometres of trails marked and dedicated for mountain biking. Starting at 3300 meters high in the shadow of the Himalaya, 13 downhills are waiting for you. The access to the trail center is free You will find lof of home stay to help the local communities to generate an income A free map is available with all informations in most bicycle shop in Kathmandu and hotel around Phaplu.