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Solukhumbu trip


(14 days/ 13 nights)

“A mountain bike adventure in the shadow of Mt Everest’’

Sir Edmund Hillary once said that Pike Peak top is the most astounding place to gaze at Mt. Everest.


During his expedition he used Pickey to see which route he will use to climb Mt Everest.

Really Pikey Peak offers panoramic view of mountains as far as Mt. Dhaulagiri and Kanchenjunga, the most amazing view on the Himalayan range.

We can ride all year round but Spring is when the rhododendrons bloom, pink, white, red, it is a forest of colors and smell.


The area is full of green lush forests and grassy meadow hills that makes a perfect playground for our bikes.

It is in this environment that we decided 7 years ago to install our headquarter at 2800 meters elevation.

Surrounding by this natural beauty, we just finished to build the first trail center in Nepal, a network of 50 kilometres of trails marked and dedicated for mountain biking.


It is the best spot in all Asia and soon will become famous worldwide as the trails are so GOOD !

During our journey, we will also visit Jumbesi, first place where the Sherpas settle and spray from there all over the Khumbu and Everest area.


We will visit Chiwong and Thupten choling monastery, where we will spend a night and encounter with Buddhist philosophy.

And of course, we can’t be there without climbing for a sunrise on the Himalayan range and Mt Everest.


Meditate – Enduro Mountain Biking in Nepal

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